Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ode to Laurie

     I must dedicate my first post to my most dearest friend Laurie aka "Loli" Afterall, she is the one who convinced me to start this for how long it will continue, I don't know, but here we go. :-)
     So here I am sitting in my apt, and I'm feeling quite content. Yesterday I finally bought a coffee table set and my apt is starting to really come together. I have to say I like having my own place for once. This is the first time in 31 years that I've ever lived alone and I wasn't sure how I'd like it, actually I'm still not sure but it's definitely getting better day by day. To be honest I was pretty freaked thinking about having to live alone for a couple of reasons. 1) I kept imagining a common fear for most people I know, a scary redneck Texan trying to burst through my door in the night and 2) I thought my apt had a good chance of being haunted......I know I know, it's sounds silly, but for the past 3 months prior I had been obssessed with watching all those stupid ghost shows like "A Haunting" and "Paranormal State". So you can imagine after my sister left back to S.F., my first night alone was pretty unnerving.
     It's taken two weeks, but I've finally built the courage to take the ear plugs out when I sleep. You see, I was convinced I would hear some spirit whisper my name "safiiiii....safiyaaaaa!!!!" or start growling in the night like I observed so many times on my favorite ghost related t.v. shows. But so far so good, no spirits.
     I'm sure yall (yes yall :-)) are wondering what Midland is like. And It's pretty much met my expectations. Imagine dry, hot, flat, fast food, drive through donut shops, drive through cigarrette shops, rounded people, bedazzled purses, and Tammy Faye Baker lashes. On my second excursion to grocery market, the cashier asked me if I was the owner on the nail shop down the street. What tha!!? lol But I can't blame her, I know I'm one of the few Asians around here. But I totally felt like I was in a movie about the lone Asian girl who moves to some boondocks country town where she has to tolerate the ignorance of the local townfolk.............wait??? Nevermind.
Anyhoo, she went on to say I must be the daughter of the nailshop owner because I looked just like her. I smiled, told her she was mistaken, and walked out giggling.
    Amazingly there are nice tree lined neighborhoods and a quaint little man-made pondish lake thing downtown surrounded by grass and benches. That will be my refuge when I need to see water. As far as a nightlife, there are three bars I believe. On friday night the girls from my nurse residency program and I went out to the "Rockin Rodeo" bar. Again all my expectations were met. The place was packed with a hundred plus cowboys decked out in complete cowboy wear. Big hats, big boots, and big big shiny belt buckles. I'd never seen so many white boys dancing. Of course country music was blaring super loud, and the place was thick with smoke. It was very interesting to see how differently the guys interacted with the girls. A guy would ask you to dance, and if you said no, he'd very politely back away, and would even pout a bit. Nothing like the bay. I did get up and do a bit of line-dancing. That was fun!!!! Imagine the electric slide watered waaaaaay down. A little shimmy to the right, a little shimmy to the left, and a bit of kickin your boots out. Real simple. I had to make it my own by throwing my hands up and snappin my fingers though.
    Today I'm off to one the few happening spots in Midland, either Ross or Target. Thank god I actually really love both of those stores. Ross is my spot yall!!! But other than that, I'm looking foward to a relaxing day of reading books and cooking food as usual. Until next time!


  1. Wow Saf !!! This really made my day. You are a natural at this blog thing. Your wit and charm came shining through like always. You got me laughing out loud.....Haaa haaaa snort snort...The owner of a nail shop!!! Too funny and oh how I wish I was there to see you add a little spice to the line dancing. Can't wait for your next post. xo

  2. sounds like a movie in the making!! im impressed by your strength. going somewhere so different in every way. you hard core. xo M

  3. Hahaaha:D thats hilarious. I wish I was there dancing with hella cool cowboys!!:P

  4. Thanks you guys! :-)I'll try to get pics up soon!!!!